Welcome to Welcome To Reggae Romance Online Internet Radio, the place where reggae never sleeps.

We want to promote the reggae music industry as a whole, although we will not just limit ourselves only to reggae.

The reason for starting this site is our love for music. Reggae Romance Online Internet Radio Station wants to be known as the place where people can come and listen to good quality music.

Reggae Romance tries to provides you the listener with the best reggae music from around the world.We try hard to keep the music clean, true, and honest with you

As the love for reggae and dancehall music grows across the world. More and more people are surfing the web searching for Reggae Internet radio stations, where they can listen and enjoy quality reggae and dancehall music.

In early days of this beautiful music, you could only enjoy this genre of music on AM radios and cassettes.

But with the intervention of the internet, FM radio and satellite radio you can now enjoy free reggae music radio stations streaming whenever and wherever you travel worldwide, once there is an internet connection.

Reggae Romance was born in Secondlife.

Secondlife is a huge virtual world where you can live out your real life fantastys in a computer generated settings.Did you ever want to be a fashion designer, DJ, or even run your own club, all these are possiable with a bit of know how and determination.

Charlieboy Hammerer was also born in the virtual world of Secondlife in 2007,lost and confused I roamed Secondlife untill I found the Reggae club Irie Vibes.As i sat listening to there DJ's playing there tunes there I thought to myself this is something i could do,run a club and play tunes.So with a lot of time and effort and determination with a few good friends Reggae Romance was born.The club ran for 1.5 years untill Real life commitments meant I had to close it down,It was a very sad day for me and the people who help to build and run it,Plus everyone who came to party and support us there.In 2009 it reopened with a whole new concept,Secondlife was going to be brought into Real life with the Introduction of reggae Romance Radio,meaning you could listen to Secondlife DJ's playing live even if you where not in Secondlife.This proved very popular,untill again Real Life intervined meaning it had to close again for a second time.

But fast forward to 2012 like a pheonix rising out of the ashes Reggae Romance Internet Radio Station was born.This time round more Real life DJ's will be playing but,will be mixed on occasion with DJ's playing straight out of Secondlife.It will be playing a base root of reggae with soul, R & B, and a few surprises thrown in.So you will have to tune in and find out if your favourite tunes are been played.

Reggae Romance is hoping for great times ahead with the introduction of a shout box,meaning you can chat live with DJ's playing,request a song or catch up with old friends.

Reggae Romance means Family to us.The whole concept from Secondlife to Real life has been born out of love and determination and I hope you feel the vibes and come and vist us again.

Blessings to you all.